Registered as a Society in British Columbia in 1989, the BC Cranberry Growers Association’s goals and objectives are:

  • To assist cranberry growers in resolving issues related to growing cranberries.
  • To improve conditions of persons engaged in the growing of cranberries.
  • To improve the grade of cranberries.
  • To develop a higher degree of efficiency in the growing and harvesting of cranberries

The BC cranberry industry is comprised of approximately 80 growers producing up to 84 million lbs (840,000 barrels) of fruit annually. At current (2005 crop) prices, farm gate sales are valued at almost $34 million (Cdn). Most cranberry production has been traditionally used in the juice market, but more recently, licensed vendors have emerged selling specialty products such as wine, dried sweetened cranberries and fresh and frozen fruit.

BC cranberry production constitutes approximately 12% of North American production and the province is currently the largest producer of cranberries in Canada.

The BCCGA, with financial support from the BC Cranberry Marketing Commission (BCCMC), works co-operatively with university and government researchers, scientists and industry associations throughout North America to discuss, identify and research production issues affecting the industry.

The BCCGA, in cooperation with the Canadian Cranberry Growers Coalition, supports ongoing cranberry health research on projects reviewed and endorsed by the Cranberry Institute.

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